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XSitePro FTP Video Tutorial & Site Structure

Xsitepro is perfect for anyone getting started with building websites. Because of it's simplicity it's also great for more experienced webmasters that want to crank out some quick websites.

I've worked with a lot of people trying to get xsitepro to work and 90% of the problems come from trying to upload webpages to your site. Bev, Kay and Darren are spot on as they say. Pay attention to their advice when setting up your ftp info.

There are many differences with different hosting providers regarding the setting up of your ftp information. The easiest thing to do is contact Xsitpro support and ask them how to set up your ftp info for your specific hosting provider. Chances are they can tell you exactly what to do and how to set up your ftp info.

If you don't figure out how to use the ftp function of Xsitepro then you're losing a big part of the functionality of the software. In my experience you need to be able to upload from Xsitepro in order to properly edit your websites in a sequential and progressive way. In other words, once you have a site completed and uploaded you should, at any time, be able to come back to Xsitepro and add a page or article. All the other pages will automatically be updated and you can upload and have all the pages linked properly.

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