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How to Change the Index Page for
NHP Minisites When Using XSitePro

Each NHP minisite comes with an index.htm or index.php page. The index page is the webpage that your internet browser automatically goes to when you type in the domain name. For instance......When I type in www.at-healthy.com  the browers (internet explorer or firefox) automatically will open the page www.at-healthy.com/index.htm

I've had several questions on how do I chance the index page in XSitepro. Or....Xsitepro won't allow me to change the index page.

My experience has been that Xsite sometimes hangs up and won't let you change the index page when you have a minisite open. If you're having problems, close all programs and reboot your computer. The try the directions below.

Index page in XsitePro....Step 1

As you can see in the below screen shot. The very first file has been determined as the index page.

creating index page in xsitepro

Removing Index Page in XsitePro....Step 2

Uncheck the box that says: "This is the Home Page for this site" Once that checkbox is unticked you'll see the file name change into the title of the article.

removing index page in Xsitepro

Creating New Index.htm page in XsitePro Minsite

First you would want to pick out a different page that you desire to be the new index page. Highlight that page by clicking on it as in #1 below. Next in #2 you need to check the box that says "This is the Home Page for this site". Once you do that you'll see as in Item #3 the file name has changed into index.htm.

You can leave the page in its current position, however, it makes more sense to use the arrows to move the site to the top of the list :)

create new index page in xsitepro

Creating a New Index Page in XsitePro by Adding a New page to the current Minisite

Make sure none of the existing pages in the minisite are designated as the index page. Now go to the Add Button and click. The below "New Page" window opens....asking for the name of your new page. Type in a new page name and click OK.

add new page to Xsite for index page

Making Your New Webpage the Index Page in XSitePro

The image below confirms that the new page was added and it is not currently the index page.

adding new index page to Xsitepro

Now Make the New Added Page the Index Page in XSitePro

First highlight your newly added page. Next go up and check the box "This is the Home Page for the Site" and double check the File Name:......it should say index.htm

Makeing a new page the index page in XsitePro