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How to Change Clickbank ID When Using XsitePro and Imported Sites

When importing sites for use with XSitePro often times there are various affiliate links that are promoted with prebuilt sites. You need to open the Affiliate Wizard and edit the affiliate link to include your own affiliate link. If the affiliate link is a Clickbank affiliate link, then all you will need to do is change the existing clickbank affiliate id into your own clickbank affiliate id.

You can open the Affiliate Wizard in Xsitepro by clicking on the icon next to the Google icon or click on Tools and go down to Affiliate Wizard and click.

Keep in mind that the Affiliate Wizard is used to add, edit, or delete any type of affiliate link. Simply open the Affiliate Wizard in Xsitepro and use the "ADD" or "EDIT" buttons to make the changes needed to promote products or services with your unique affiliate links. The below examples are for changing your Clickbank links or Clickbank Id in XsitePro, however, the same principle applies to all affiliate links.

clickbank id in XSitePro

How to Find the "Affiliate Wizard" in XSitePro

Clicking on Tools opens a drop down menu where you'll find the "Affiliate Wizard"

change clickbank id in XsitePro

Opening the Affiliate Wizard in XsitePro

Once the Affiliate Wizard is open you will see all the affiliate links that Xsite has loaded. Look for the affiliate link you would like to change and click on the Edit Button.

changing affiliate links in XSitePro

Changing a Clickbank id Using Affiliate Wizard in XsitePro

After the Affiliate Wizard is open....highlight the affiliate link you want to edit. Next....click on the "Edit" button and a window opens called "Affiliate Details".

"Affiliate Details" tells you the name of the product or service and contains information about the affiliate link. This is called "Affiliate Type" and contains the url for the affiliate link. This is where you would want to remove, change or edit the existing clickbank affiliate link.

Keep in mind this applies to any type of affiliate link...not just clickbank. Whatever link is present...you'll want to make sure to change it to your own unique affiliate id. For example....the affiliate link could be a paydotcom.com affiliate link.....this is where you would edit that link to include your affiliate id. It could be any type of affiliate link, even a commission junction affiliate link. If you have a commission junction account, you'd look for your unique id and change it here.

clickbank id edits with Xsitepro